Special Discounts for Poor Artists

You need a website.

You’ve been putting it off for your entire college career, ever since you realized that thing you sliced up in Photoshop and slapped onto the Internet in your CMPA class freshman year isn’t gonna cut it. You’ve thought about hosted sites like Behance or dA Portfolio, but having your own thing is always best, right? You’ve thought about finagling with WordPress or something yourself, but you just haven’t found the time, or you’re sure you’re gonna screw it up somehow, or you really have no idea where to start. You’ve kind of thought about hiring someone else to do it, but pffff, you’ve got loans to pay off! Who can afford a web designer?

I feel your pain. But not enough to do it for free. Because that’s how you stay poor. So here are the deals. Sweet and simple and as cheap as you’re gonna get it, really.

HTML is Faster

  • 1 homepage design
  • 1 interior page design
  • Up to 7 pages
  • Manual image gallery
  • 1 month support


WordPress is Nicer

  • 1 homepage design
  • 1 interior page design
  • 1 blog index design
  • Up to 12 pages
  • Built-in blogging
  • Customizable menus
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • Up to 3 basic plugins
  • 1 month support


Webcomics on Top

  • Available in conjunction with WordPress only
  • Webcomics plugin integration, OR
  • Comic Easel plugin integration
  • 1 comic view design
  • 1 additional page design
  • +$50 for multi-comic support


Note: Prices are for new websites only. Ask me directly about migrations and conversions.

But wait, there are ways to make things even cheaper for you!

Going with HTML? Want to do this cool thing where your entire website is one long page divided into sections? Take off $30. Yeah.

Going with WordPress? Found a cool theme in the official directory that you like and just want a few tweaks? Cool. These discounts will be handled on a theme-by-theme and case-by-case basis, but you penny-pinch where you can!

Have a design in Photoshop ready to go? This may or may not save you any money, depending on how your design looks and how it might translate into a website, but your ideas and direction are always welcomed.

But what about ComicPress? ComicPress’s own developers are trying to phase it out and recommend using the Webcomics or Comic Easel plugin instead. If you really want to go with ComicPress, I can do that. It’ll just be +$250 instead of +$200.

Prices listed are bases and can decrease based on the above criteria or increased based on complexity of proposed design, as well as additional features, plugins, etc. Additionally, do note that I do not provide domain registration or web hosting, which, together, typically cost $60-70/year. However, I would be more than happy to recommend you both registrars and hosts, and if necessary, walk you through the process.